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Welcome to the Alumni page! On this page we want to celebrate all things Alumni in Phi Mu Alpha. 

Alumni Programs

Alumni Brothers make up for the vast majority of our Fraternity. The true power in numbers we have as a Fraternity comes from the Brothers who are left to recall their college days. With that said, the Fraternity has recently launched an Alumni Program called 1898Forward which aims to assist the Fraternity financially. The push is to get every Alumni Brother to donate $18.98 to help our Fraternity sustain financially. For more information, visit the 1898 website.

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Alumni Associations

Alumni Associations are meant to be a continuation of your journey in Phi Mu Alpha after you’ve become an Alumni. These meetings are typically informal gatherings with very little business as the bulk of the time in these meetings is meant for spending time with Brothers. Each Alumni Association has a similar officer structure to Collegiate Chapters, however the expectation is not to run like a Collegiate Chapter, it’s more for the purpose of handling the business needs of the Alumni Association. 

San Antonio Area Alumni Association

The San Antonio Alumni Association is currently the only active Alumni association within Province 9. While the association hasn’t gathered in quite some time, it is still active. The last meeting of the Alumni Association was in 2017 and it would be awesome to get the San Antonio Area Alumni Association back up and running! 

Corpus Christi Area Alumni Association (In Progress)

There is an Alumni Association interest group forming in Corpus Christi. They are working to gather enough Brothers for a charter as an official Alumni Association in the area. It would be awesome to have an Alumni Association in the southern part of the Province as we’d then have two central hubs for Alumni to gather!

If you are in the San Antonio or Corpus Christi area and would be interested in helping build or rebuild the Alumni Association, please reach out to Chris Silva at