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Province 9 is composed of the following:

  • 6 Active Chapters
  • 2 Inactive Chapters
  • 0 Colony Chapters

Active Chapters

There are currently six active chapters within Province 9, with the northmost chapter being in Austin, TX and the southmost being in Kingsville, TX

Alpha Iota: The University of Texas at Austin

Date Founded: May 11, 1924

Number of Active Brothers: 31

Current Pledge Class: Accepting Applications for Spring

About: For nearly a century, Sinfonians at UT in nearly every field of study and professional endeavor have transformed music in America. They continue to operate in a philanthropic capacity performing Mills Music Missions, volunteering at multiple UIL events, and striving to better the music community at UT Austin.

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Gamma Phi: Texas State University (Southwest Texas State University

Date Founded: May 20, 1947

Number of Active Brothers: 28

Current Pledge Class: Zeta Lambda (Fall '23)

About: With a little over 75 years of rich history and culture, the Gamma Phi Chapter of Phi Mu Alpha is a hub where fraternity spirit flourishes and music is paramount. Our service projects, community outreach initiatives, and social events showcase a unique brotherhood. We aim to forge enduring bonds and make a significant contribution to America's music scene. Our chapter boasts alumni members who are Grammy Award winners, educators, servicemen, lawyers, and touring artists, among other professions.

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Kappa Chi: Del Mar College

Date Founded: March 4, 1962

Number of Active Brothers: 8

Current Pledge Class: Delta Lambda

About:  Del Mar College is the home to Kappa Chi which is the only active chapter at a two-year college in the country. Kappa Chi has stood the test of time as a chapter recruiting new Brothers with each passing year despite lower enrollment than at a four-year university.

Our main goal this semester is to be more active with our high school events and our local events. We as Sinfonians are dedicated to spreading as much music to the younger generation and helping any in need of guidance.

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Nu Eta: The University of Texas at San Antonio

Date Founded: October 31, 1982

Number of Active Brothers: 12

Current Pledge Class: Alpha Chi

About: For over forty years, the Nu Eta chapter of Phi Mu Alpha at the University of Texas at San Antonio has cultivated an environment rich in culture, passion, and friendship. Performing Mills Music Missions, university recitals, and intimate music building gigs, our brothers continue to embody the musicianly man. Hoping to continue the chapters growth we will be rushing four members in our latest class. We hope to have another large spring rush class next semester.

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Pi Chi: Texas A&M University - Kingsville

Date Founded: May 7, 1967/April 18th, 2004

Number of Active Brothers: 10 

Current Pledge Class: 0 (we do not pledge in the fall)

About: Serving as the premier example of music making and manhood in South Texas, Pi Chi is Province 9’s southernmost chapter. Since 1967 and our re-establishment in 2004, Pi Chi has served our local community by assisting in many music related events much as setting up and tearing down for concerts, assisting in student recitals, and much more around our TAMUK campus.  

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Rho Epsilon: Texas A\&M University - Corpus Christi

Date Founded: May 10, 2007

Number of Active Brothers: 8

Current Pledge Class: Omega

About: Texas A&M University Corpus Christi, the Island University, is home to the Rho Epsilon chapter. At 16yrs old we are the youngest of the chapters in Province 9. We serve the community by participating in music making with local churches, schools, and shelters. We are enthusiastic about the future and future traditions that are being cultivated here. Please don't hesitate to contact us through our social media found below.

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Inactive Chapters

There are currently two chapters inactive within Province 9.

Kappa Theta: The University of Texas-Pan American

Date Founded: April 11, 1975

Date Closed: 1978

Lambda Alpha: Trinity University

Date Founded: April 2, 1976

Date Closed: 1988