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Website Launch!

We are proud to announce the launch of the Phi Mu Alpha Province 9 website! Click below to learn more!

It took a bit, but we finally have the Province 9 website online!


Shawn and I have been discussing what the purpose of a Province wide website should be for a while now. We've decided that the website should exist to serve the following goals:

  • Act as a resource page for Brothers both Active and Alumni
  • Be discoverable so Brothers who wish can find their way back to us
  • Keep everyone up to date on the events surrounding the Province and its Chapters

If there is anything else you'd like us to include on this site, please don't hesitate to reach out and let us know. You can contact Province leadership at

leadership AT province9 DOT org (1)

  1. Sorry for the cryptic email. Gotta stop those web scraping bots from spamming us.

Keep Up to Date

There are various ways you can keep up with the events of Province 9. You can:

Design and Deployment

Now probably very few of you care about this part, but it's my blog and I'm going to write it anyways. This is how the site is built.

The primary tool used to build the site is called mkdocs. On top of that there is a wonderful plugin & theme called mkdocs-material that adds a lot of functionality and styling. These tools are known as static site generators, meaning the content is stored in a simplistic format, in this instance Markdown, and generate HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to be served. The advantage to this is there is no database storing our data, so data never needs to be fetched to be served and the content will always be present in the HTML.

By making this decision, we are able to host our site for free on GitHub pages. There are a number of hosting providers that provide free static site page hosting. As our code is in GitHub it is easiest for us to just host the static site from there and configure our domain accordingly.

This website is 100% open source. You can view the source code here. Anyone could take this site, make the necessary modifications and deploy a similar site for free relatively easily.

If this is something you're interested in reach out to Mason Egger.


This website is just the beginning of our infrastructure improvements and move into the digital world(1). Be on the lookout for more blog posts detailing this journey.

  1. Digimon